Nadine Rajabi (Ms. Iran)

Although comedy is her profession, Nadine has accomplished a lot in her young age. She is a national champion black belt, a world-class soccer player, and an avid snowboarder. She started playing soccer at the age of 4 and went on playing in college where she majored in Biology and then decided her destiny was to tell jokes and not to wear a lab coat. So she decided to be funny while finishing her Bachelors Degree in biology and continued onward to get her M.B.A.

Nadine's comedy style is much like her athleticism, fearless. She has made her way up the comedy ladder very quickly and has become a paid regular at many of the country's top comedy clubs, including the Improv chain. In fact, she was the youngest paid regular at the Hollywood Improv, and is now a paid regular on East Coast Clubs like "Stand-Up New York". Performing in the Boston Comedy Festival and being noted as the "one of the youngest and brightest up and comers" and traveling to the Middle East to entertain the troops are just a few of her accomplishments.

Nadine's TV, Radio, Writing credits include: national commercials, talking head roles on E! Entertainment, The Sunny Side of The Truth: Real World Hollywood, TVgasm, Zazreport, weekly celebrity interviews on Mania TV, a weekly half-hour television show that syndicates to colleges across the country for National Lampoon and a nightly radio show on XM Satellite Radio.

Her nightly radio show, "Nadine @ Nite", can be heard on National Lampoon Comedy Radio on XM Channel 154. On her show Nadine entertains her audience with her celebrity interviews and shares her celebrity and pop culture know-it-all-ness to the XM world.