Gerry Bedknob (Mr. Bangladesh)

Gerry was born of East Indian heritage. Thanks to a lousy travel agent, Gerry lived in England, South Africa, Trinidad and Canada before coming to America. He was as a high school counselor in Toronto, Canada when one day out of the blue, his office friends encouraged him to try out for the local Open Mike. Gerry went down to the first Canadian comedy club, called Yuk Yuks. It operated one night a week, Wednesday nights in a church basement. It was the only place where a person could see a comedy show and a church revival the same night. After paying a two-dollar fee to check out the club for a couple weeks, Gerry finally got the nerve to approach the owner for an audition spot. The owner took one looked at Gerry and said, "You're not serious, are you?" Out of curiosity, he invited Gerry back two weeks later.

The night of Gerry's big performance, the owner approached him and went over three rules. The FIRST rule was: If you're bombing within the first three minutes, a thunderous recording of a car crash would come on and you would be hooked from the wings and removed from the stage. The SECOND rule was: If you're bombing and you don't get off the stage, you would be shot and then ask to leave the club by management. THIRD Rule was: Refer back to the FIRST and SECOND rule. Right before stepping on stage, Gerry overheard the owner whispering to another comic to get the hook ready, "the Indian guy is going on!" Needless to say, Gerry was pissing in his pants. He bravely went on stage for the first time in his life, which he began with occasional short glimpses back towards the curtain to see whether he was getting the hook. His timing was awful but his jokes were pretty strong. The audience laughed both at his jokes and out of sympathy. The rest as they say, is history.

Since that fateful night, Gerry has gone on to become the International Winner on Star Search, make appearances on the Joan Rivers Show, Arsenio Hall Show, Seinfeld, Mad About You, the Wonder Years and the short-lived sitcom, Undeclared on FOX, He has also appeared in the feature films: Encino Man and Friday After Next with Ice Cube. He is also the regular opener for Joan Rivers when she performs in Las Vegas.